From the very inception of Iron Horse Ministries, God made it clear that He wanted this ministry, together with His church, to create and sustain a "Biker-Friendly Church Network" (B.F.C.N.) across this great nation and around the world.

God's purpose for this is three-fold: 1) To help unify the body of Christ (the church) in this country and abroad; 2) to make it possible for a rider in need, to connect with a Christ centered, Bible believing church body in their area, that will accept them as they are, and minister to them and their families - no strings attached - no questions asked; and 3) to help make sure that anyone - no matter where they are (that has prayed and asked Jesus the Christ to forgive them of their sins and to come into their heart and be their personal Lord and Savior), will be able to find a church in their area, that will accept them and disciple them - so that none will fall through the cracks.